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Mindfulness Practice: Journaling

We can practice mindfulness by finding ways to reflect and bring awareness into our mindset. This process can be difficult when we're distracted by daily demands and expectations or when we get trapped in our default thought patterns. Journaling gives us a fresh perspective.

What is Mindful Journaling?

Mindful journaling is a way to bring awareness into our thought patterns and emotional responses. Reflecting by writing allows us to process and reframe in a space free from judgement from others. Seeing words on paper (or a screen) gives you a different perspective on your thoughts - this is a great way to practice open awareness and release your own judgement and to collect data on yourself.

How to Practice Mindful Journaling

  • Choose where you want to write - a bound journal, a word doc, a note on your phone, a loose piece of paper.

  • Bring your awareness into your body and the current moment with deep breaths or a body scan.

  • Start writing whatever comes to mind! Let yourself process with awareness on your emotions as your reflect.

  • Your aren't trying to write an essay, so let the words flow however they come.

One of my favorite tricks to reduce judgment on my journaling is to avoid writing a date on each entry - then there is no record of how long it may be since I last wrote and I can approach each practice as a new experience.


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