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Grow Your Practice

Mindfulness Coaching

Set yourself up for success to grow your mindfulness practice.

All services are currently offered virtually. Contact Elyssa for more information.

Why Mindfulness Coaching?

Incorporating mindfulness practices into your routine can provide extensive benefits ranging from improved mental health to increased empathy, patience, and compassion. Growing a new skill takes practice; you wouldn't play a new sport without learning how to kick or throw a ball or summit a mountain without training appropriately. Mindfulness practices can be approached similarly - a mindfulness coach can help you learn new skills, how they work best for you, address any challenges or questions, and help you achieve your goals successfully.


One Time Sessions

30-minute or 60-minute

One Time

One-on-one introduction to mindfulness and a personalized guided meditation.



Ongoing Sessions

30-minute or 60-minute

Recurring based on your schedule

Set yourself up for success with ongoing mindfulness coaching.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about on-going coaching.


To Be Provided

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