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Explore mindfulness as a practice to strengthen your relationship with your dog and improve your well-being through a three-week virtual journey.

Your registration supports rescues saving dogs across the country.



Learn the basics of mindfulness including mindful practices 
and how to apply mindfulness concepts to your interactions with your dog.



Expand your understanding of dog behavior and ways your dog can reinforce your mindfulness practice.



Learn to see the world like your dog and apply your mindfulness practice to training your dog.

My Dog Story

I have loved dogs since I was very young – I was obsessed with the Encyclopedia of the Dog and recently found a homemade book from elementary school entitled “One Lonely German Shepard, A Counting Book.” I can assure you that the German Shepard was not lonely by the end.

I became a dog walker and sitter in early 2020 as I changed careers and trained in mindfulness and meditation (read more here). I ultimately fostered and adopted my own dog early summer 2021. 

Practicing mindfulness has been an invaluable tool in the way I approach and work with dogs using awareness, presence, and patience. Mind The Dog came out of my application of mindfulness in my experiences interacting with dogs with various levels of reactivity, anxiety, and basic training needs. I hope to share the benefits of this practice with all dog lovers.

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