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Mindfulness Means: Compassion

Many problem solvers tend to prioritize our logical responses over our emotional ones - sometimes we don't know how to feel, how to process emotions, or the importance of connecting to our emotions. Developing a mindfulness practice and spending time in therapy has helped me increase my awareness of my emotions; I am actually able to feel in ways I didn't know was possible. This has made me a better problem solver as I'm able to process solutions holistically and recognize when my emotional responses are clouding my ability to think clearly; maybe I'm feeling triggered, maybe I'm unsure of a new perspective, or maybe I'm overwhelmed and stuck in fight/flight and react mode. Growing compassion helps us best support ourselves and others.

How Does Compassion Help You?

Compassionate leaders and team members are more approachable. They embody increased emotional intelligence and empathy through awareness of their emotions and expressing compassion. Expressing compassion as a leader means recognizing challenges and taking steps to support. This support can look differently depending on your relationship or the specific challenge. Growing self-compassion helps you better identify your purpose and goals and support yourself in accomplishing them.

How To Practice Compassion

Practicing compassion grows from your mindfulness practice and can be incorporated throughout your day - how you interact with yourself and others.

  • Practice self-compassion

  • Interact with kindness

  • Apologize when you make a mistake

  • Avoid making judgments

  • Accept others

  • Share gratitude

My Favorite Practice

I tell my dog that I love him on a daily basis. He doesn't have to do anything to earn this praise, just be exactly how he is in that moment. Telling him that I love him goes beyond saying the words: I notice how I feel that love in my body. Sharing this compassion, regardless of how I feel or how frustrated I may be, allows me to reset, refresh, and tap into feelings that I can send to myself or others.


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