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Mindfulness Means: Trust

Growing trust in ourselves and in others takes practice and intentionality. We notice our thought patterns of doubt and practice reframing. We notice when we struggle to trust others and practice giving space. Mindfulness practices increase our awareness and help us suspend judgement so we can grow trust.

How Does Trust Help You?

Self trust and acting as a trustworthy problem solver increases our confidence and dependability. If we are more connected with those around us through a relationship based in trust, we will have better communication and conflict resolution. Developing trust increases our self awareness, which we can use to be present and suspend judgment. We can better empower those we work with through this mindset; relationships built in trust increase productivity and by-in from team members.

How To Practice Trust

Practicing trust is rooted in developing a mindfulness practice and finding space to release expectations and judgments to cultivate trust.

  • Be honest and acknowledge your limitations

  • Express gratitude

  • Use active listening

  • Maintain your values

  • Be consistent

  • Change gradually

  • Reflect

My Favorite Practice

Building trust with ourselves and in relationships takes time. My favorite way to grow my trust is to check in with myself regularly. Am I spending my time aligned with what is important to me? If not, am I making decisions or letting my boundaries go under certain situations? I tune into my gut feelings and when something feels off, I then reset and realign continuing to build trust in myself.

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