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Mindfulness Means: Letting Go

Mindfulness means letting go. Explore how this helps you and how to practice.

How Does Letting Go Help You?

  • Find space for growth and change.

  • Redefine yourself and your future.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Increased satisfaction.

  • More flexibility and openness.

  • Increased connectivity.

How To Practice Letting Go

  • Create physical space.

  • Invite in self compassion and gratitude.

  • Notice where you're storing tension in your body. Breathe into those spaces and release.

  • Write in a journal to process and bring awareness. Putting your thoughts into words reduces their power.

  • Address self-limiting beliefs.

  • Consider each thought or action as an opportunity for growth.

How To Practice Letting Go

When I get overwhelmed by my day or an interaction, I like to take a deep breath and imagine releasing all of the tension, frustration, and anxiety when I exhale. I let my body and my mind soften one breath at a time.


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