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Mindfulness Means: Being Present

Mindfulness means being present. Explore how this helps you and how to practice

How Does Being Present Help You?

  • Greater appreciation and gratitude.

  • Improved communication and active listening.

  • Increased focus and empathy.

  • Reduced stress and overthinking.

  • Recognize changes in your physical or emotional state.

How To Practice Being Present

  • Stop and take a few full deep breaths noticing each part of your inhale and exhale.

  • Notice the moment exactly as it is: what is happening right now?

  • Enjoy the world: look, listen, smell, feel.

  • Practice your own spontaneity by exploring without a plan.

How To Practice Being Present

When I'm taking a walk and notice that I'm getting lost in thought, I feel the ground beneath me, take a deep breath, and tune into the sounds of the world: the breeze, rain drops on my coat, birds chirping, traffic, people passing, and even the sounds of my own body.

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