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Mindfulness Means: Empathy

Empathy is rooted in connection. Connection to our own emotions, reactions, and thoughts grows connection to other's experiences. We can practice empathy through mindfulness by increasing our awareness and presence.

How Does Empathy Help You?

Developing your empathy is an important skillset to grow from managing to leading. Increase empathy ties directly to increase emotional intelligence, which will help you develop skills like active listening, community building and reduced bias. In the process of growing your empathy, you will also likely increase your self-awareness and self-compassion.

How To Practice Empathy

Mindfulness practices increase your awareness to yourself and others. Bring your awareness to the following in your communications to grow your empathy:

  • E - Eye Contact

  • M - Muscles In Facial Expressions

  • P - Posture

  • A - Affect (or emotions)

  • T - Tone

  • H - Hearing

  • Y - Your Response

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My Favorite Practice

Growing my empathy began with growing my own awareness of my emotions. Bringing my attention into my body and mind through mindfulness, allows me to recognize how I respond to situations. Understanding my own responses more fully helps me notice how others might perceive communications and how I can adjust my approach accordingly.


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