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Mindfulness Means: Growth

I love forests. Trees reaching towards the sky, ferns and shrubs covering the undergrowth, and animals tucked away. Forests evolve over time as plants grow and animals migrate - change is inevitable. Mindfulness practices support our growth as individuals. If we are able to release our expectations and approach change with acceptance (which takes practice) we can grow in ways we may not expect.

How Does Growth Help You?

A growth mindset helps you embrace change and challenges by encouraging you to approach new situations with an open mind. With a growth mindset, you see opportunity to learn from others and experiences regardless of the outcome. Growth mindsets can also encourage more positivity and optimism.

How To Practice Growth

  • Find moments to reflect on what you learn from challenges - how can these lessons help you in the future?

  • Invite compassion for yourself through gratitude practices or mindful journaling.

  • Embrace feedback with active listening and released judgment.

  • Celebrate the success of those around you.

My Favorite Practice

It can be very easy to default to a space of judgment in certain conversations. My mindfulness practice helps me recognize when I am defaulting to a more emotional state in response to perceived threat and I give myself space to simply listen in the moment. Later, I reflect on what I can learn from the situation and how I want to proceed when my emotional response calms down.


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