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Mindfulness Means: Openness

Mindset is shaped by many factors both in and out of our control. Our brains our neuroplastic, which means that we can form new neural pathways throughout our life time. Developing a mindfulness practice will give you tools to build new neural pathways and establish a more open mind..

How Does Openness Help You?

Finding a more open mindset will help you as both an individual in leader but altering the way you approach daily tasks and interactions. Openness reduces your bias providing reduced judgement and ease at cultivating creative problem solving. With an open mindset, it is easier to accept and respond to uncertainty and change as you are more easily able to release expectations and judgements (cue mindfulness). This ultimately leads to increased emotional intelligence.

How To Practice Openness

  • Journal and reflect - recognize and process your own bias or assumptions.

  • Ask questions.

  • Establish a gratitude practice.

  • Find patience and humility.

My Favorite Openness

If I'm feeling stuck in a particular mindset, my favorite practice to reset or reflect is to ask myself questions. This can include asking "what if the opposite is true?" and exploring the extent of the "opposite" mindset or situation. Through this process, you can shift default neural pathways and create more openness.


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