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Mindfulness Means: Quiet

I regularly have music playing my life. While I'm working, walking, and as background when I have guests to my apartment. But when I turn off my music and turn off my brain (as a result of my mindfulness practice), it's amazing to embody the peace and grounding nature of quiet. I am most able to connect with myself in these moments of stillness and release.

How Does Quiet Help You?

Inviting quiet into your daily life will increase your presence and focus - our minds are usually busy and the world around us is full of sounds. This focus will allow you to connect more directly with others and be more effective as an active listener. By noticing space and quiet moments, you can more easily tap into your reactions and make choices around bias you may hold. As your increase your ability to be present, you will also find greater appreciation and gratitude for daily moments.

How To Practice Quiet

  • Stop and take a few full deep breaths noticing each part of your inhale and exhale.

  • Notice the moment exactly as it is: what is happening right now?

  • Bring your awareness to the sounds that you can hear - just listening as a passive observer. Notice the quiet and space between and around each sound.

My Favorite Practice

When I'm taking a walk and notice that I'm getting lost in thought, I feel the ground beneath me, take a deep breath, and tune into the sounds of the world: the breeze, rain drops on my coat, birds chirping, traffic, people passing, and even the sounds of my own body. I notice the moments of quiet in the world and in my head without trying to change anything.


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