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Mindfulness Practice: Gratitude

We can practice mindfulness by bringing awareness into our mindset and noting our default thought patterns (what do we remember or focus on more?).

What is a Gratitude Practice?

Gratitude practices help us notice and reflect on parts of our lives that are meaningful to us. It's easy to fixate on negative moments, so consciously choosing to find gratitude can help retrain our brains to find more balance.

How to Practice Gratitude

Find a gratitude practice on a regular basis. You can sit down and reflect or write your gratitude in only a few minutes by asking yourself:

  • What are three things you are grateful for?

  • What are three things that would make your day great?

You can also express your gratitude directly - say thank you! Sharing your gratitude can change your mindset.

Notice expressions of gratitude - where do you feel gratitude in your body?



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