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Mindfulness Practice: Mindful Cleaning

Practicing mindfulness while completing a daily activity is ultimately about making that activity your focal point. As you grow a formal mindfulness practice through meditation, breathing exercises, or other movement based practices, you can bring the mindset you have cultivated into other activities. Cleaning is a great time to practice mindfulness as it's a regular activity full of sensations and opportunities to bring your awareness into the present moment.

How to Practice Mindful Cleaning

Teal dust pan and wooden brush hanging on a blank white wall
  • Notice sensations in your body - the contact of the floor beneath you, the feeling of your clothes on your skin, each inhale and exhale.

  • Notice the feeling of the objects you're touching. This could be cleaning products or items you're moving around.

  • Notice the sounds and smells of your surroundings.

  • As you clean, bring awareness to the sensations exactly as they are in this moment. Notice how your body moves and do so with intentionality.

  • Notice if your mind wanders, release the thought or feeling, and invite your awareness back to your cleaning.



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