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Mindfulness Practice: Mindful Listening

Practicing mindfulness using your senses is ultimately about making those sensations your focus and allowing them to be exactly as they are in any given moment. My favorite way to practice mindful listening is when I'm walking through the city. I'm able to bring my awareness into the present moment and ground myself by listening to the world around me - I allow the sounds to pass by: of the birds, dogs, and traffic; my body breathing and walking; and the moments of silence in between.

How to Practice Mindful Listening

  • Bring your awareness into this moment by noticing sensations in your body.

  • Notice the sounds of your breath - each inhale and each exhale exactly as they are right now.

  • Shift your awareness to the sounds in the world around you. Listen with open awareness by releasing expectations and judgement. Put yourself in the position of a passive observer.

  • What sounds are constant? Which ones pass by? When is there silence?


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