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Mindfulness Practice: Mindful Eating

We can practice mindfulness by finding stillness or inviting the practice into our movements. Mindful eating practices teach us to notice sensations as we're eating and translate these observations to other aspects in our daily lives.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating involves inviting your awareness into the sensations of eating: the smells, tastes, textures, and appearance of your food. These observations are made without expectations or judgment.

How to Practice a Mindful Eating

Start your practice by finding somewhere you can seat and eat without distraction. Put your phone and computer away.

  • Bring your awareness into your food before you begin eating. What do you see? Smell?

  • Notice sensations in your body as you eat. The food entering your mouth, each bite, swallowing, your body slowly telling you if you are full.

  • Take each bite with intention and notice the texture and taste of your food.

If your awareness moves into your surroundings or thoughts about how you are eating, simply notice these thoughts, release them, and invite your awareness back into the sensations of your food. You can even close your eyes to target your focus.

After you feel comfortable with this awareness, try inviting the same mindset into more meals during your day. Practice and explore what works best for you!



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