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Mindfulness Practice: Walking Meditation

We can practice mindfulness by finding stillness or inviting the practice into our movements. Walking meditations teach us to notice sensations as we're walking and translate these observations to walking in our daily lives.

What is a Walking Meditation?

Mindfulness practices require us to invite our awareness into a particular focal point. In a Walking Meditation, we focus on the sensations of our body moving. You can feel your feet beneath you connecting with your shoes or the ground, how each leg moves, the gentle swing of your arms, and your breath connecting with each

movement. These observations are made without expectations or judgement.

How to practice a Walking Meditation

Start your practice by finding a clear area where you can move without worrying about tripping or avoiding objects. This can be as long of a straight space as you can make.

  • Begin by standing with weight evenly distributed between both feet. Your body tall, shoulders opening, and your spine stacked.

  • Bring your awareness into the soles of your feet noticing sensations exactly as they are in this moment.

  • Start by walking slowly. Lifting one foot at a time and noticing the movements throughout your body.

  • Experiment with the speed and how your attention and awareness moves.

  • If you feel comfortable, try closing your eyes to target your focus.

If your awareness moves into your surroundings or thoughts about how you are moving, simply notice these thoughts, release them, and invite your awareness back into your body. All you have to do is watch your body walk one step at a time.

After you feel comfortable with this awareness, try inviting the same mindset into walking during your day. Practice and explore what works best for you!



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