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Mindfulness Practice: Washing Your Dishes

Practicing mindfulness while completing a daily activity is ultimately about making that activity your focal point. As you grow a formal mindfulness practice through meditation, breathing exercises, or other movement based practices, you can bring the mindset you have cultivated into other activities. Washing your dishes is a great time to practice mindfulness as it's a regular activity full of sensations and opportunities to bring your awareness into the present moment.

How to Practice Mindfully Washing Your Dishes

  • Notice sensations in your body.

  • Notice the feeling of the sponge or rag, the water, the soap, and each dish.

  • Notice the sounds of watering and bubbles moving, and any smells from the soap.

  • As you wash your dishes, bring awareness to the sensations exactly as they are in this moment. Notice if your mind wanders, release the thought or feeling, and invite your awareness back to your washing. Remember that releasing your thoughts or feelings is a practice - it's going to happen!


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